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Realtor Wisdom: From the Desk of J. Renee Wilson

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

From the notes of J. Renee Wilson.......

1) No one EVER has enough money to buy their dream house

2) Buying a house is way more than a "thing" It is about status, hope, aspiration, money, power and display and yet grounded in practicality and nesting.

3) Most of the time the women choose and the men worry about whether or not if it is going to fall down. They also tend to be the ones who worry about making a foolish choice or paying too much. Once a woman decides she goes straight forward. It has to be a MAJOR fault showing up during inspections to set her "off" the house.

4) There is a visceral response when a buyer goes to the "right" house. It may be big like Tim C. who just got past the entry and said "I'll take it", or a little voice that says, "I could live here", or dreaming about it all night. This happens for everyone; a recognition of "home"

Buying a home is way more than title to a given piece of land.

5) Everyone is scared.

6) All sellers believe if they had just held on they would have gotten more

7) All buyers believe that they paid a little too much.

Most of the time the buyers are so happy to have the house they give up resenting the perceived money gap.

Most of the time the sellers adjust to the reality of the situation and forgive the buyers for withholding the money from the real value.

8) Scared people show their true colors; snappy and autocratic or vulnerable and needy.

I see people at their worst and usually it is not that bad.

9) At some point both sides of the transaction must come to trust the process; the market and the sales mechanisms.

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