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My Response to a Question a friend posted, “What Do You Love/Not Love About Los Angeles?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

1) That the ability to re-invent oneself is always here and will always be supported by the right people.

2) That it's a crucible and sometimes a nightmare where one is confronted with both the worst and the best of themselves. Then it’s left up to you.

3) To repeat, it's a crucible, it's a crucible, it's a crucible. I love it and hate it for that reason.

4) That it's OZ and all of us get to see what's going on behind the curtain. We get to see what's bullshit and the bullshit's bullshit. Now go back to #2

5) That I've found every significant relationship I've had save one here in Los Angeles.

6) I doubt that I would be where I am right now if I hadn't stayed here and toughed a lot of it out. Now go back to #2

7) That like every other major city on the planet if you are not fully a part of this place you are going to be crushed.

8) The dinner I had last night

9) That I met Renee here. That I met you here : ) That both of you made and are making me realize what I am capable of. I love this. I hate this. I LOVE THIS!

10) Theory - That everyone who lives outside of Los Angeles and who bitches about Los Angeles/Los Angelenos do so because deep down we are here and they aren't. Go to #4

11) Beachwood Canyon, the view of the flightline into LAX from my window, early Sunday morning wakeup and preparation for the Hollywood Market, Tommy Burgers, drinks at Musso and Frank, Knit Night, Monday nights at Little Dom’s, and full moon rises

12) Dislike - lack of good public transit, bicycle support, clubs on Hollywood Blvd, and lack of clear view of the stars.

13) You can be whoever you want and no one cares. So a look as a political or contrarian statement doesn't fly which makes it more fun.


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1 commentaire

05 mars 2023

I have a deep love, of LA essentially it's where I was born.

It moves too fast for me and there's a slight redundancy in desperation that I experience there energetically, I am sure it is just me and not it. I can only take it in small dosages at this time. I live two-ish hours away definitely I miss the multitude of food flavors the colorful personalities and the odd spot from behind the Hollywood sign to the strange little Hot Springs in the center of Wilshire district.

The proximity to the ocean both North and south the spectacular vistas from the top of the 405 on a crystal clear hot day, and how the city is below and…

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