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Maurice Kaehler

Yogi  |  Healer  |  Interpreter  |  Teacher  |  Guide

Maurice Kaehler is known for his humor, approachability, and down-to-earth wisdom. He became aware of his facility to heal with his hands through a spontaneous healing event in the mid-1990s. Since then, he has expanded his knowledge through acclaimed research-based healers Rosalyn Bruyere and Bill Bengston. Maurice has practiced yoga since 1988 and taught since 1992, providing teaching, guidance, and healing for individuals in the film and music industry along with influencers of major companies. These corporate clients include Loews Hotels, the Langham Huntington Pasadena, and the Los Angeles Athletic Club.


Maurice is a published author, poet, fashion designer, and social entrepreneur. His two Kindle E-books, “Beyond the Blackboard” and “60 Second Guru,” are #1 best sellers on Amazon. He expresses his style through his clothing line, Epic62 Menswear. As a social entrepreneur, he has produced TEDx-like events that include visionary influencers like Digital Domain founder Scott Ross, graphic designer Stan Evenson, and Valter Longo, whose talk on fasting at Maurice’s TEDxEchoPark “Paradigm Shift” event is one of the most watched TEDx videos of all time.

"I believe in whatever makes me feel good to be alive!"

Tom Robbins

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