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Wherever you are is where you are the most effective


Farmer Yoga

A grounding and guilt-free yoga practice in nature or the comfort of your own home.

1 hour

Hollywood / WeHo / Silverlake  |  $125

Westside / Pasadena  |  $200

Malibu  |  $250


5-Plus Conversations

Raised in a farming, rural, or Catholic family of 5 or more? Let’s talk and have some necessary conversations about a world few know about. Release and healing is closer than you think.

1 hour


Hollywood / WeHo / Silverlake | In-person


Balancing Rocks

Dream Interpretation

Meaning? Theme? Ongoing Narrative? Have a 30 minute on-line discourse and intrtepretations with a guide who is a lifetime dreamer with 35 years of tracking experience.

30 minutes


Hollywood / WeHo / Silverlake | In-person



Post-Event ReStorative Yoga & Breathwork

Hollywood. It’s a company town. Jet lag backlash. Finish one high-stakes creative production. Then onto the next. Autonomous resets are required. Sometimes self-care requires two. Reset and renew in the quiet of your own home with nobody around and with nobody to answer to.

1 hour

Hollywood / WeHo / Silverlake  |  $125

Westside / Pasadena  |  $200

Malibu  |  $250


Post-Traumatic Events

Break-up? Injury? Post-op? I’ll lay on hands and get to the shame before it sets.

1 hour

Hollywood / WeHo / Silverlake  |  $125

Westside / Pasadena  |  $200

Malibu  |  $250

A little about my technique and sessions

My approach is respectful. 

I engage not only with your body.

I also engage with the field that surrounds your body. 

Some would call this your aura.

I call it “presence."


With boundaries set in advance,

I lay on hands on points of your body 

Where there are blocks, trauma, or defacement.


End result?

Trauma effacement, 

Fullness and effervescence,

Renewal and reset.





When I am touching you,

I am touching your process and experience.

I am saying, 

“I have faith in you.”

Your experience. 

Your process. 

Your life.


I have faith in an intelligent universe.

I have faith in your past and future.

I have faith in your now.


Gift the healing

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