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A Scale of Healing

December 10th is my birthday.

As of 4:16 AM, December 10, 2023, I’ve completed 61 orbits around the sun and began my 62nd.

As of that day, I have traveled…

2,173, 064, 000, 000 miles around the sun.

As of that day, I have lived in this body…

732 months,

or 22,265 days,

or 534,000 hours,

or 32,061,000 minutes

or 1,923,696,000 seconds.

From this scale in an omnidirectional, connected, and in a constant scenario Universe, a human being is beyond microscopic. For understanding’s sake. Let’s make a human the size of a cell.

2 people together = 2 cells

From this vantage point, how can a cell nonverbally not influence and heal another cell just by being alive?

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