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Attack of the Spigot People

Talking with friend I am seeing about "energy events." I've had a cluster in the last week.

I've always seen these events as energy movement/frequency/grief change being "capped"/"pinched" off.

Today my descriptive terms were "pinch" and "spigot" I talked about the "spigot" people. Those who try to shove us into pipes and boxes, label us. Injunctions laid in by parents. Collectives desiring that we go long with them. When at heart we are open and whole.

Turning on and off the spigot examples "there's not enough to go around" Specificity is similar. Job requirement/ labels to push us into the pipe. If you're an expert the more power you have. And the more lumbering you become. We feel pressured to do so. It's how we "earn a living" What is required. What we went to school to do. We have many interests when we are young, we see that "the way to go" is to begin to channel these interests into the "pipe of degrees" In doing this we begin to go against our truth, nature, intuition and gut feelings. Something in us chafes. In the spigot world fighting this is fruitless. And when we fight this we then go to "experts" to become "experts"

The antidote is to be "everything", open and flexible. In war language this is guerrilla warfare. Fast, smart and mobile. The spigot people don't like it when you are "everything" Bucky Fuller was hard to pinpoint. That's how he wanted it. He never fit into any pipe yet he was versed in and recognized for whatever that pipe-dwellers held to be their own. Generalists/Comprehensivists piss people off.

You are "everything"! You are many. Rather then be a "project manager" at your work, you are a project manager for Universe. It shows in your desires, your insightfulness, your ongoing watch for discoveries, interests, and coolness, your nerd/geek fantastic-ness.

You've got your work resume down. Write me yourself a street resume. Stuff like you being a data-junkie, deepest you've ever been in debt, ability to amass parking tickets, trombone solos, band performances, recipe expertise, poems, fan-dom, milkwoman, jobs you held as a teenager, times arrested and for what, obsessions, planets you want to visit, shooting star wishes.

More! More! More!

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