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Become an "Andamanian"

This is a fun game to play.

You are speaking with someone. Or you are reading a book.

There may be a time when you use or see the word “but.”

Now repeat or read the same sentence substituting the word “and” for “but.”

Not only notice the switch of words, notice what you feel as you say each word.

Using the term “but” seems to pit one idea against the other.

A conflict or competition begins.

The system closes.

The use of “and” puts the idea side by side.

Paradox (the driving force of Universe and certainly understandable by our bodies) is accepted. The system opens.

Open for resolution acceptance of idea, mutual respect, growth and possibility.

There is neutrality.

With that come exploration and connection,

An acknowledgment of life as epic and mysterious and a mystery

And the ability to think on your own.

At minimum it will make you smile

And give you relief.

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