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There Is Enough to Go Around...

There is Enough To Go Around...

This one comes from Bucky. I had read a book once where the author wrote about how he had gone to see him speak in 1955. After they walk out of the auditorium when Bucky

finished speaking, the friend said to the author, “He puts you to a trance.” The author replied, “No he takes you out of one”

That turned me on to Fuller's way of thinking. The moment that got me was when he wrote something to the extent that your experience matters. This was an a-ha moment and

validated something that I already knew yet the world around me seemed to dismiss. I began to think of the narrative of there is not enough to go around for everyone. In time I realized that this narrative is the one that packs the most drama. It is us versus them. Politics, religion, ideologies. The feeling of a scarcity that isn’t there. I looked around and looked back upon my life and realized

that I was an example of there being enough to go around. No matter what the dynamic I was in there was enough. Enough food, enough shelter, enough of everything. Much was available to me. Yet the environment most people were still living in was earning a living implying that what has to earn the right to live. Something off-putting about that. Again. It was a meltdown. A cosmic hiccup. A divine gotcha to realize that. There is enough. We have the capabilities to have enough for everyone. That instead of earning a living people can do the work that they would like. to do. I think the infrastructure would remain the same. This narrative is something to look intro and meditate on. The past couple of years there have been more and more emphasis on being grateful and appreciative. We have a lot to be grateful and appreciative about. The progress of our bodies and imagination has created the worlds that were imaginary only 100 years ago. This will not stop. So let's meditate that we do have enough. That we can provide enough and that others will align themselves with the movement and diversity required to be in the here-now abundance.

Here now abundance. What to you think? If you are reading this book the chances are very good that you are a part of this or want to understand this even more. The way to understand that is to feel full. A here-now abundance for yourself. When you are full and feel aligned you have provided for yourself first and able to give your overflow to others. Portal Yoga is a deliberate, focused practice that provided this for working with your body as is. It will bring you to places of deep relaxation, clearing, centeredness and strength. Once done you can approach your world with know of where you are in relationship to the rest of the world around you. It gives you the mean to go from where you are to where you want to be. That feel-good abundant

place. Able to give. Able to receive. Instant gratitude and appreciation.

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