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CNN and Your Immune System

Updated: Jan 6

Sure, it's a pithy line...

And there is some truth to it.

We all know a lot is going globally. At times, it seems there is no respite.

And that's where we need to be careful.

It's a truism that "if it bleeds, it leads" With media, there's money to gained in the catastrophe. Not to be found in the conservation of things, the prevention of things, or that which seems to moving in the favor of humanity rather than against it.

Look around you. Is the spaciousness of things...of nothingness itself...larger than that we can see with our naked eye?.

It may be the nature of things that we focus on what is. It's natural as a means of defining safety and threat. Media plays to this ability and adaptive strategy. The thing is if what is threatening is not in front of us and we are continually being threatened, we lose the sense of what is truly threatening and what is.

This puts us in an even more vulnerable position. Do we value the care of our bodies and central nervous system....the being in the nothing...the ineffability of something...the "yes, and" rather than the "yes, but"?

CNN wants otherwise. Extrapolate on that.

Take the time to stop and tune into the rhythm of your own heartneat. Close your eyes, draw your attention to your breastbone and wait. A pulse will come to you. It is steady and congruent. It validates the wholeness of you right now. It's settles during states of chaos.

Often, I am in spirtual environments and feeling unsure. I feel separate from the process. I want to be there. I also find visualization and guided meditations challenging. I first experienced this when I attended my first sweat lodge. I didn't know what to "do"

I wanted to be there, though. I wanted to contribute. I wanted to be a part of the event. What I could do, I thought, was to tune into and listen to my heartbeat. That was the one thing I had in common with everyone else. And everyone else had in common with me. I may not understand what is being said. I could sit still, feel, and hear a pulse.

A throb.

A rhythm..

There is worth in this pause. It's a practical doing. The quieter the environment the better.

CNN and Fox News would have us believe that there is no such thing. No such place. And if there is such a place, the nothingness of it holds no value.

What is forgotten is that our value and our worth lies in the fact of our being alive. That we can sit, feel, and let the sacred come to us.

So listen to your heartbeat sometime!

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