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Courage To Encourage!

You have to have courage to encourage. If not you are just spouting words. Courage is another example of presence. It also can be imparted through action and silence. The word was always important to me for some reason. Even as a child. It ranked up there with terms like “liberty” and “freedom.” Uncool words that also seem to be slotted to a political ideology and rarely left to stand on their own. So let’s take them off the scrap heap and apply them in good ways. Anyone that has left a system or environment to better his or her worlds have courage. Those who have had their unproveable experiences gaged by their own bodies (especially ones heart) and imagination and extend these experiences to the world at large have courage. Those who have undergone pain and maintained their spirit have courage. Courage to encourage. Rolls off the tongue nicely. Like said in a previous post those of use who deal with the ineffable and unseen seems to have this in spades. Our worlds and perceptions are easily influenced and sometimes overwhelmed because we are open channels who effort to remain open. Courage. So we learn as we go. And when need be rely on others to keep our spirits and frequencies high and held. It’s worth the feelings that we feel.

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