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Healing the Negative...

Healing the negative.

First off the negative is not a negative. It is the place that someone has gotten to and now chooses to expand away from. This can take on many forms. I have always felt that all the things that I and others can morally and ethically castigate me for also moved from place a to place be I used and did what I had to do to stay in movement. Realizing that was huge relief and the weight of guilt and shame lifted immediately. That is how it works. The perceived negative is not. It is and was the option and choice that was taken at the time. Period. End of story. A larger field will draw another less expanded field towards it. I think that is the nature of healing. A large field will blanket the smaller one and pop it to an acceptable place that the receiver can understand. Their field will pop to the place where it can be held. It will also be popped to the place where possibility is now available to them along with another possible channel of direction. With healing comes conscious opportunity, affordability, and expansiveness.

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