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I've Seen the Shape of Evil...It's Not What You Think...

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

“Did you hear the news?” Samantha asks, barely containing her excitement.

We are standing in a curved hallway. Walls and ceiling the color of white chalk. The hall is barren by necessity. No chairs, tables, pictures on the wall. Nothing that will draw our focus from the “what we are here for” There are several of us, healers in training at Rosalyn’s mystery school, and excited that we’ve found ourselves together in this waking dream.

“What news?” I reply.

“Rosalyn is going to put us in a room with Evil”

Sam’s eyes glow. She’s game for anything.

It’s a dream so it’s not surprising that we find Rosalyn now standing in front of us. She’s not what you’d expect. She doesn’t have the Dumbledore look. More like a housewife from the suburbs of Los Angeles. Brunette hair down to her shoulders. 48'ish. Somewhat wide in her hips, her fashion sense in the direction of varied blue nylon tops and polyester pants from Walmart. She looks like a woman you’d see shopping in Costco at 1:27pm in the afternoon. It’s her sparkling eyes, impish grin and wicked humor gives her away. She can play an audience like a violin penetrating them with nutritious bullets of magic, technique, and wisdom.

“Your going into a room with Evil” she says.

In spite of our excitement, our backs stiffen with fear. We can’t help it. It’s real. Evil is real. Not an abstraction. I can’t wrap my brain around it. How will it take shape. What will we see? What will I do? We are here though. Her students here to learn. She’s so nonchalant in attitude and so matter-of-fact in voice. Her fearlessness intrigues us more. As our level of fear decreases, our courage stiffens with resolve.

Rosalyn opens a white door. We enter, pulled by destiny and pushed by choice. The door closes behind us clicking shut with finality. We turn to face the center of the room.

The room is circular. 12' in diameter. As chalk-white and empty as the hallway outside. It’s germless. As our focus becomes heightened and cleared, the only sounds we can now hear is the sound of only what is necessary. The volume of our thoughts is turned down to zero. Any mental chatter we have temporarily ceases to exist.

We see Evil.

It’s floating 5 feet off the ground. At chest height.

It’s the shape of a human brain

Within this shape, I can see these small, shimmering waves. You know. The shimmering you see when you look at the horizon on blistering hot day. It’s different though as it is a shimmering three dimensional wave. Held as if it is surrounded a skull. There is a behind to it so it’s not a projection. It has no center. No core. Possibly held in space and place by something that does. While it is seemingly nothing, it moves as a whole.

That’s Evil?

In one moment, compulsion overtakes Sam, I, and the rest of us.

”If that is all Evil is, we can catch it”

We all run towards it. Just as we reach to grab it, Evil moves beyond our grasp. We were so close. We continue the chase. Everytime we are just about to wrap our hands around this “nothing”, it scoots out of our reach.

Continuing to tease.

Continuing to tease.

Continuing to tease.

We sense the absurdity of what we are doing, stop, and burst into laughter. And I come out of the waking dream.

It’s all yours to meditate on as you will…..

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