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Keep It Simple, Swami !

Updated: Apr 7

What it comes right down to is....

Yoga makes you feel good.

And, to paraphrase the effervescent trickster know as Timothy Leary,

"You can't do good unless you feel good"

I came to yoga after suffering severe head trauma in a cycling accident. Fractured skull. Subdural hematoma. Swelling of the brain. I got a "Nabavi Cut", A clean incision named after the doctor who performed the surgery on my brain to release the pressure. Right above the hairline.

As I was wheeled into the operating room, I thought,

"It's the first time in my life I have to let go!"

I came out of surgery. I couldn't admit it at the time but my life as I knew it up to then was over. What did show was a loss of direction, depression, and a disdain for anti-seizure medicine.

I began to do yoga.

I woke in the morning feeling like shit (Please don't be offended. That's what it felt like)

I would do a yoga practice and feel better.

I woke the next morning feeling like shit.

I would do a yoga practice and feel better.

Soon it be came clear...

"Why don't I do this every day?"

EMDR? Polyvagal Theory? Mindfulness? Breathwork? Post-Traumatic Growth? Cross-Education Effect? Neuroplasticity? This was 1989. What I didn't know then that I know now is that those yoga classes that just "made me feel good" incorporated all those now-recognized healing, rewiring, and balancing modalities before these modalities were known.

That's a lot of value in one class or session.

More carrot and less stick.

More treat and less treatment.

Think about it.

Why do yoga?

Because it makes you feel good !


High love and yeehah...

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