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Keep On Keeping On - Being an Expert In Experience

Image by R. Crumb

You can’t learn less.

Experience refuses to be narrowed and regressed. The one thing you are to be an expert at is in your experience. You will not get a degree in this unless you want to give yourself one. Try it. It’s a lot of fun. So you are what you are. Tweaking yourself in the ways that you need to. Letting go and changing when things become too painful.

It is our experience that steers our course.

Experience encompasses all and denies nothing. There is enough experience to go around. Experience can be shared; added to, sourced for insights and like love is eternal. How does being an expert work for you? This is your authenticity. You cannot hide your experience from yourself. There is no such thing as waste. Remember bookmarking your experiences even if there is no answer? Experience is in constant gratitude and appreciation. It is an affirmation of you, your authenticity, value and worth. To yourself first and to humanity at large. It is your uniqueness that gives you presence, and affects others. To deny just creates pain. The desires and dreams you had as children do matter. Those happened before you were degeniused. They have never gone away. So here you are. The sum total of your experience. Alive and doing in a doing Universe. Even when you think you're not. Grab a hold of your own consciousness. Your ability to shape your

own movie with your own words. The meaning of whicyou have discovered and renewed based on your experience.

Consider it to be an act of playful work.

And if you find that the work needed is bigger than you then go for help.

With breath, movement and resonance this is doable. Kind of like making the planet work for everyone.


Do you work for yourself.

The rest will follow.

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