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Some Definitions of Unity

It is inherent in the dance of public posting as to what level of intelligence in your reader to you wright for.

It is often suggested to "dumb things down"

Those suggestions usually produce cringeable moments in me..

The important things I remember, reflect upon, and apply is whatever is said or written to my level of intelligence.

I know what my level of intelligence is when I feel "met".

I am not purposefully being enigmatic here. Everyone's "fill in the dot's" page is different.

As I understand it, Buckminster Fuller's prose (whether spoken or written) was (and remains) intended to break reflexive responses in listening, speaking, interpretation, and more. Since "Unity is, at minimum, two", our minds are not separate from our bodies. They are congruent and one. Our spirit will reject any impulse to claim or interpret otherwise.

It was said of Fuller that, instead of putting you into a trance, he took you out of one.

So, for the sake of it, read Fuller's take on synergy. His sentence staccato structure also know as ventilated prose, invites a slower reading, slower interpretation, and deeper depth of understanding.

When a sentence is loved and sincere, one usually wants to look up the words that, to them, temporarily lack meaning.

Enjoy being met at your level of intelligence!


Synergy is the complex behavior of whole systems unpredictable by the isolated observation and consideration of only one or more parts of the system.

Love is the synergy of omnipermeative and inherently differentiating metaphysical radiation nonsynchronously coexisting with omniembracing and systemically integrating, eternally conserving, metaphysical gravity.

Metaphysical radiation and metaphysical gravity eternally and only coexist.

The always and only coexistant positive and negative mathematics demonstrates scientifically that unity is plural and at minimum two.

In its inherent cell dichotomy, biology demonstrates that unity is plural and at minimum two.

Science demonstrates that unity is plural and at minimum two with its life-initiating awareness of otherness. No otherness, no awareness. No life. Life is inherently two.

Science again demonstrates that unity is plural and at minimum two by requiring both an insideness and outsideness of both the observed and the observer.

Science again demonstrates that unity is at minimum two in the concomitant, always and only coexisting convexity and concavity. Science demonstrates that convexity diffuses and concavity concentrates the same impinging radiation wherefore the always and only coexisting concavity and convexity demonstrate that they are not the same function wherefor unity is plural and at minimum two.

The eternally convergent-divergent dyssynchronous juxtapositioning of inherently dissipative radiation and inherently conserving gravity pulsatively and resonatively propagate the infinite variety of wavelengths and frequencies of nonsimultaneous, differently enduring, only overlappingly episoded, only locally aborning and dying and only sumtotally eternally regenerative scenario Universe.

Appreciation of the integrity of eternally regenerative, scenario Universe is sometimes called “Wisdom.”

Employment of the only metaphysically experienced, eternally regenerative scenario Universe is sometimes identified as “Love.”

Unity of Universe is always plural and in its minimum twofoldedness as both Wisdom and Love, these two synergize to constitute the phenomenon we intuitively identify as God.

This is probably as close as we may ever come to such human-thought identifying.

— Buckminster Fuller

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