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The Walk of the Warrior!

Watch first...

Then come back thinking "What did I see? What is he doing?"

In army drills, marching with cadence builds cohesion, stamina, and endurance.

Cadence means “rhythmic flow of a sequence of sounds or words”.

What this means that if an army platoon marches in cadence, they are resonant in cohesion.


This mean that they will be able to march further than they would if they were in silence. individual.

Able to go above and beyond.

What I am showing you in this video is a "filling up" technique.

My breathing is the cadence. When you practice this cadence, you will note that it is a "hoo-hah" cadence. Your mouth and throat are naturally formed to produce a "hoo-hoo" as you inhale twice and "hah-hah" as you breathe out.

My moving hands are meant to be your feet. You are walking as you do the "hoo-hoo, hah-hah"

Now go with me on this.

You are going to breathe through the souls of your feet as you walk.

The first 'hoo' you inhale through the soul of your left foot.

The second "hoo" you inhale through the soul of your right foot.

The first "hah" you exhale through the soul of your left foot.

The second "hah" you exhale through the soul of your right foot.

Continue to repeat as you take your walk, run the treadmill, ride your big.

Cuturally and socially, we are taught to give. We are not taught to receive. It's a basic given in a yoga class that the length of a person's exhale and inhale shows how well a person gives and receives. Exhales tend to long. Inhales tend to be short.

You're working with earth energy here. She's large, robust, intelligent, effective, and anti-fragile. She'll be around long after we're gone.

As you exhale out, you are giving away energy that is no longer necessary to you. (I'll leave it to your imagination of what this energy is. When I began doing this practice, it was stagnancy) As you breathe in you are "filling up" with earth energy.

Why do this? What happens when I "fill up" like you say.

That, my gentles, will be explained next week!

High love and yeah!

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