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A Client Review

I have had some serious physical issues and severe head and spinal pain and as a result depression for the past 4 years after an accident. I had been to dozens upon dozens of doctors to not much relief.

Maurice radiates kindness, a deep caring, friendliness, professionalism and has a deep desire to help others and it shows.

Each one of my sessions with Maurice was very different from each other. In three of the sessions I felt heat emanating from Maurice’s hands radiating through the areas of my body where I felt the most pain, as though he placed a heating pad upon my body but there was no heating pad. When he stepped away from the massage table I was lying upon, the heat disappeared. During 1 of the 4 sessions I felt cool. I felt energy swirling around in various body parts, especially in my heart and abdominal area when he was working on me and moving his hands above my body in a circular motion.

During my sessions with Maurice I felt safe, protected, very relaxed and very peaceful, spacious and sensed that sunshine entered the darkness of my life for the 1st time in 4 years. For the 1st time in a long time I began to feel hopeful again. I had no realization how dark my life had become due to my physical pain and suffering in all these past 4 years, until sunshine entered my life during Maurice’s session.

After each of my sessions with Maurice I walked away with a deep peace, unlike I felt in a long time, and clarity of vision. For lack of better words I felt “un-clogged” after each and every session and I did not even realize I was so clogged! I felt very spacious and more peaceful too.

I also started feeling “uncompressed” as before my session with Maurice I felt very heavy with a deep pressure exerted on my body, especially on my head and felt “squished”. I felt a process started of a “lightening of being” (hard to put into words) and a sense of greater flexibility and movement has returned on the right side of my neck.

Maurice, I would like to take this moment to extend my most heartfelt deep sincere gratitude from the innermost depths of my heart to you for your healing session, your time, effort, energy, work and all else In our sessions.

You helped bring sunshine back into my life!

I am so grateful!

Thank you Maurice!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

I wish you all the very best always!

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