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How Can I Be of Service To You...

How can I be of service to you without diminishing your degrees of freedom?

This statement honors experience, journeying and expansion with presupposing any guilt on the doer. Life is a learned and therefore shared experience.

How can you do wrong when you are always doing?

You are a bundle of experience.

Not guilt, shame or other wise.

Nature does not cast blame or shame.

It is just an effective, ongoing, eternal verb. Sometimes moving glacially and other times at warp speed.

Again. Kind of cool if you think about it.

Degrees of freedom.

Nice statement. Again, it is something that we already have. Not wise to retreat from this, as all it would do is cause suffering and pain. We are all the sum total of existence. The sum totaling does not stop. Ever. Think about that.

So we are here. Earning our wings in the best and most advantageous way as possible. You can’t talk to people who won’t listen. It behooves us to keep putting one foot in front of the other, learning in ways that make the good times better and the hard times softer.

Pain is built into the system.

Suffering isn’t.

Again, think about that. You have options. Solutions are available. Whatever direction you go is good. Just stay open. Keep learning. As long as you are in movement you’re fine. And everything that you’ve done has gotten you to this place where you are reading these words now.

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