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Increase Your Glow...And More!

Updated: May 6, 2023

So what does happen when you do the "Walk of the Warrior"?

I'll begin with a story...

I lay the hospital bed at the San Pedro Peninsula Hospital. It's my second day out of surgery. Brain surgery. I had hit a piece of wood in the road as I was cycling and training for a biathlon. Pitched headfirst into the asphalt and fractured my skull.

I lay in bed going with the professional ebb and flow of hospital life. Nurses came into check my vitals every 2 hours. I slept, watched TV and noticed the going-on's around me.

The second morning, a new floor nurse walked into the room. I saw her and was hit with a bolt of lightning. She glowed. Not like a lightbulb or candle or anything like that. She had a presence that I could see. Different than anyone walking in and out of that room. My first though was immediate.

"If I am around that, I know I will get better!"

Call it an aura, bioenergy field, or human energy field, we all have it and have some agency with it, It's one thing to feel full and another to feel empty.

This is one of the benefit's of "Walk of the Warrior." You fill up. You get grounded. After five minutes, you feel a cushiony feel under your arches and your palms feel puffy. You are taking in energy with each inhale from a powerful source. You give out energy that is unnecessary with each exhale to a source that has the capacity to transform that energy.

Walk the warrior with a question in mind? You'll have an answer 3/4 of the way into the walk. Walk the warrior with an impassable personal block in mind. You'll have a way through, over, and around by the end.

You feel better in the end. With answers sometimes. With resolutions in others. Because you're filled, you're more noticeable. Like that floor nurse. Because of the sound of the breath linked to the cadence of walk, you're stronger with more stamina. Because of the conscious right-left of your walk, you're balanced.

Better prepared to face anything

High love and yeah!

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