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Love, Like Bacteria, Is Eternal

Everything that you see around you...Everything that you

can take in with your five senses began in someone’s

imagination. The book you hold. The laptop you type on. The chair you

are sitting in. The room that surrounds you. The words and

alphabet that you’re reading. All of these were done to extend

life. To get that person from where they are to where they

wanted to be. So all we experience is a manifested example

of that imaging. That imagining and manifesting will not


Bacteria are eternal. It will continue to survive. Tom

Robbins has a great line that says something like.. "At a

bacterial level images of God and the Devil cease to exist."

So, how about that. An us vs. them attitude drops away and

an eternal, effective and sustained life force continue. Kind

of cool to think about.

Love is the same. It does not die. It just changes shape.

Don’t ask me to explain that yet. To me that feels good.

Farmer Yoga extends life. Is does so for the future. For our

children, their children’s children and so on. It approaches

the hear-now and supports the person we already are. The

bacterio-sapiens that we are.


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