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You Can't Argue With a Raindrop!

A raindrop doesn’t call a committee, vote, go into therapy

or decide what it is supposed to do. It just drops.

Take a pair of keys. Throw them up into the air. Let them

land on the ground. Same thing.

Like a raindrop we are fine as we are. We are source

energy. We are a vehicle of progress and change as this is

what our bodies do. Period. End of story. Your body does

this if it had the opportunity in spite of you. If the person

next to you were in your body it would function the same

way. It would just have a different guide. The beauty is it is

that that person is not in your body. You are. You are you.

And you are conscious part of your vehicle made by

Universe. In it but not of it. We have a choice on how to

direct this vehicle. There is no awareness with out other.

This beautiful contrast is innate to us. The possibilities for

change, growth and creating new worlds are endless and

syntropic. So what do we do next? We do not have to

change anything. That is built in. The best thing you can do

with change is to be in motion. Movement is constant

stability. So we are moving with the change and progress

and contrast that are within. In this we become closer to

who we really are. Is this something to be attained? Think

about it. If yes, we wouldn’t be who we are. We are

becoming something that we would like to be. I am as

guilty of this as anybody else. I then look to my true nature

and make decisions. This is who I am not so this must be

who I am. Kind, giving and considerate. It just happens.

Positivity is a force multiplier. More options are available

when you are in a good space rather than bad. Let’s keep

that in mind. So many attainment practices key to the self-hatred we have for

ourselves. Consider that there may be genetic embeds to

this and the rules of the game change and become more


A raindrop. Pretty simple. Complex in its cycle. Simple

nonetheless. Let us begin to practice being who we are.

Let’s begin to practice a practice that inspires, enlivens,

fulfills and just makes you feel good. This is the process of

going from where you are to where you want to be. A feel-

good, here-now abundant you.

How does one better their station? By movement. By

diversifying. By accepting change as innate. We have life

and we are the progenitors of life. Let’s do so together by

fulfilling our bodies first and using our presence to

influence others.

Ok. Getting off the pulpit now. Let’s go to work and have

some fun doing it.

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